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Haywood schreibt über Jahwe (Anglikaner):

How long have you lived here? beeg mature Detroit sought Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection last week torestructure $18 billion in retiree and bond obligations. TheU.S. Bankruptcy Court in Detroit will consider the city'seligibility for bankruptcy next month.

(7. 7. 19, 14:52)

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Jeffery schreibt über Jahwe (Protestanten):

I was born in Australia but grew up in England <a href=" ">asian nudes</a> I, too, disagree that the Tea Party is losing; unfortunately, the people who are &#8220;guiding&#8221; those whose fears have lead them to hate/distrust government, the federal government and Obama in particular, are in it for the long haul, and are sure that they can succeed with carefully (and often ridiculously) crafted congressional districts. This may not get a Republican in the White House, but it will keep the House of Representatives in the shape it is in today. UNLESS people such as Paul Ryan can show leadership and not just political savvy. I watched and listened to him on C-SPAN this evening, and when he wasn&#8217;t being cutesy, he made some very good points&#8230;

(10. 5. 19, 11:01)

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Apolonia schreibt über Jahwe (Orthodoxie):

...und wer sind die anderen?Kf6nnten wir viecheillt auch etwas tun oder nur die Aliens?Bitte da beim ne4chsten Mal nochmal nachhaken!

(20. 12. 15, 21:08)

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bytebogus schreibt über Jahwe (Katholiken):

Lieber Gott,

Danke für diese Seite

(5. 11. 06, 20:52)


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